Our carpets are manufactured for the most part in a broadloom (sheet) format. Roll lengths do vary, depending on the product, as do the widths, though 2 metre, 4 metre and 5 metre widths are the most common formats.

We produce both plain and patterned carpets, and the patterns can vary from unobtrusive stippled and flecked designs, through to small or formal graphics, and eye-catching and bold statement designs. The method of construction can vary between tufted, fibre-bonded (needle-punched) or woven (such as traditional Axminster and Wilton qualities), though the majority of our output is in the tufted qualities, and the majority of our woven output is for customers who are looking for a high quality bespoke product.

As well as being made in different ways, our carpets are available with differing surface appearances. 

Alpha Tech

A versatile range of carpets & carpet tiles with real staying power.

Birch Cord

Inexpensive and versatile range of carpets & carpet tiles.

Birch Velour

Our luxurious and cost-effective velour collection.

Care Tech

Impervious, stain-resistant, & anti-bacterial heavy duty carpet.

Care Tech Plus

Tough, stain-resistant & impervious healthcare carpet.

Floors That Teach

Colourful & fun teaching carpets for schools & nurseries.

Med Tech

Impervious stain-resistant contract carpet.

Multi Tech

Healthcare impervious-backed contract carpet.

Neon Black Light

Fluorescent special effects under UV light.

Nova Tech

Impervious, anti-microbial contract carpet.

Twist Tech Classic

Subtle carpet range, inspired by nature. Commercial & domestic use.

Zeta Tech

Impervious-backed healthcare carpet.

Zeta Tech Plain

Healthcare & care home carpet range.