Cut pile carpets may also be referred to as 'twist' or 'velvet' pile, depending on their appearance. The essence of these carpets, whether tufted or woven is that you walk on the ends of the fibre. We produce cut pile ranges as both plain and patterned carpet, and constructed from nylon, wool or polypropylene, and sometimes a combination of more than one of those.

Whilst these carpets perhaps account for a smaller percentage of the total volume of the contract sector they are still widely used in specific sectors of the contract market, such as in the care sector, leisure facilities, accommodation etc. There are designs and specifications available to meet most clients' needs. Our technical consultants will be happy to guide you through the options.

Barrier Tech

Durable entrance matting. Superb value.

Care Tech

Impervious, stain-resistant, & anti-bacterial heavy duty carpet.

Care Tech Plus

Tough, stain-resistant & impervious healthcare carpet.

Delta Tech

Extremely hard-wearing carpet tiles.

Entrada Tech

Low-maintenance entrance and circulation carpet.

Floors That Teach

Colourful & fun teaching carpets for schools & nurseries.

Med Tech

Impervious stain-resistant contract carpet.

Multi Tech

Healthcare impervious-backed contract carpet.

Neon Black Light

Fluorescent special effects under UV light.