Neon Black Light

Fluorescent special effects under UV light.

Neon Black Light is designed specifically for use in leisure facilities, where there is a requirement for its striking, high impact design. As the name suggests, this design really comes to life in areas which utilize UV Black Light, where the special, light-reactive neon yarns appear to glow as if lit from underneath. 

Neon Black Light is made from 100% cut pile nylon, with a pile weight of 1000g/m², and is heavy contract rated.  It is available in 4m wide broadloom.

This product is stocked in two popular designs, but other designs are available on request for minimum quantities, and 6-8 week lead times.

Please note: The pigment of the flourescent feature colours may be affected by exposure to natural light, and in particular, direct sunlight over time. The Neon Black Light range is designed for use in interior situations where this is unlikely to be an issue, as any prolonged exposure to natural daylight may reduce the UV effects.


  • Casinos
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Arcades
  • Cinemas

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