Like all our other products our entrance matting systems come in a variety of formats, which are designed to ensure that our customers can choose an option with all the right attributes to meet, or exceed, their needs.

We offer both primary and secondary matting systems, the former providing the first line of defence against walked-in soiling before or just as you enter a building, and the latter providing additional capability from the entrance area and beyond.

Both primary and secondary matting systems can be installed as an effective stand-alone barrier system where space, or budgets, don't allow for both, but as a general rule, the best way to preserve the appearance of the floor finishes beyond, is to install as large an area of good quality matting as possible.

Within the entrance matting range we offer both broadloom and tile (modular) options in both textile and PVC, as well an excellent heavy duty aluminium matting which is designed for ‘kit-build' on-site installation.

Barrier Tech

Durable entrance matting. Superb value.

Barrier Tech Catch

Moisture-capturing & dirt-removing entrance matting.

Barrier Tech Step Up

Extra heavy duty entrance matting.

Barrier Tech Stripe

Robust entrance matting. Great for dirt removal.

Entrada Tech

Low-maintenance entrance and circulation carpet.