Birch Carpets Breathe New Life Into A Tired Office

Birch Carpets were delighted when we were approached to provide new office carpets for a Digital Media company, Bigfoot Digital, within the heart of Barnsley. Hi-Tech Carpet Tiles were chosen by the client and here is the work, as it progressed:

Daylight from full height windows shows up the worn and tired carpet tiles that were in situ. Something needed to be done.

A closer look reveals tiles that become worn, distorted and stained. A potential trip hazard too - not a great impression for a professional office space! 

Help is at hand. Our installer brings in the first load of new carpet tiles. 

It had to get worse before it got better. Out with the old and the sub-floor is exposed. 

The transformation begins. The big fans help the special adhesive dry because of the fast-track fit-out schedule. 

Attention to detail. The carpet tiles are carefully cut around floor boxes, which are a feature of most modern office interiors. 

Orderly progress. That's the virtue of carpet tiles - not much mess, not much waste! 

Ta-dah! All done. What a difference those new tiles make to the whole interior. Let's get the furniture in and get down to business. 

Here's the all-important solution dyed nylon pile that's going to be working so hard from now on. 

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