Posted on 01 August 2013

To all our customers, staff and followers; here, in Yorkshire and nationwide we wish you a very Happy Yorkshire Day from Birch Carpets HQ, here in sunny South Yorkshire. 

Many of you may not even have been aware that 1st August was Yorkshire Day. Many in the county may even be blissfully unaware of it, so we're taking this opportunity to celebrate the beautiful, bountiful, varied, enterprising, industrious, innovative and historic county, where we have our base.

The date was, apparently, originally celebrated as 'Minden Day' by elements of the British Army, including the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, to commemorate victory at the Battle of Minden in 1759. 1st August 1834 was also a significant date in the Emancipation of Slavery, with which cause Yorkshire MP, William Wilberforce, was so strongly linked. Since the mid 1970's the day has been celebrated locally, in a fairly low key way, but the growth in media interest, and the advent of the digital age, have seen its profile grow. Whether marketing device, or heartfelt celebration, there's certainly no harm in trumpeting the virtues of this great county.

We enjoy a bit of fun around here so here's a bit of music to get you in the mood to celebrate:

And here is what Yorkshire means to a few famous faces from our county: 

Birch Carpets customers will appreciate, that Yorkshire folk don't like to see 'owt' go to waste, so look out for our enhanced 'Benefit Recycling Plus' offer, coming soon.......

Happy Yorkshire Day

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