Posted on 21 October 2013

Fortunately, here at Birch Carpets, we don't get too many complaints about our products. I say, fortunately, but there's no real element of fortune to it, because we work very hard to ensure that this is the case. We design and produce products to a specification that we know will enable them to perform in line with the client's expectations. 

However, where we do get an issue, or a complaint, we may well have it inspected by an independent professional at the outset, to establish whether a problem exists. If a problem does exist, that expert can then identify the nature of the problem, and whether there's an obvious solution. He can also identify what the cause of the problem is. Whatever the outcome, we'll do our level best to facilitate or broker a positive outcome for the end user.

There is a 'risk' with this kind of approach that, on occasion, the independent assessor will identify a product fault. The finger will point in our direction! It's a risk we're happy to take. Very occasionally product can find its way to the customer with a fault, despite all the checking that's in-built into our internal processes. When this does happen, we take the view that identifying that fault, and rectifying it, is best done in a timely way.

Complaint resolution can be a very positive process, which when handled correctly, can cement relationships, rather than shattering them.

If you choose to specify or use Birch Carpets products, rest assured that we believe in them, and their ability to perform. When there is a complaint, of whatever nature, we will work hard to find a prompt resolution. Honesty is the key!

To ensure that you're getting the very best technical advice and back-up, please make use of our website to identify our key points of contact, or to enquire about our products' capabilities.

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