Texture and pattern are alternative, and often complementary, ways of adding interest to the appearance of carpets, carpet tiles and entrance matting. They can be used individually, or in combination, to achieve any number of attractive interior solutions. Texture can be achieved by using one or more pile constructions at the surface.

Design can be achieved using a tufting or weaving process, or indeed by utilising the very latest total yarn penetration printing techniques. Pattern can cover everything from the very subtlest mottled or heathered design, right up to very bold, striking statement pieces.

Archi Tech

Hard wearing and sustainable carpet tiles. Bold contemporary design.

Barrier Tech

Durable entrance matting. Superb value.

Barrier Tech Catch

Moisture-capturing & dirt-removing entrance matting.

Barrier Tech Step Up

Extra heavy duty entrance matting.

Barrier Tech Stripe

Robust entrance matting. Great for dirt removal.


Hard-wearing carpet tiles. Perfect for modern interiors.


Practical and vibrant carpet tiles. Ideal for commercial interiors.

Floors That Teach

Colourful & fun teaching carpets for schools & nurseries.

Med Tech

Impervious stain-resistant contract carpet.

Multi Tech

Healthcare impervious-backed contract carpet.

Neon Black Light

Fluorescent special effects under UV light.

Zeta Tech

Impervious-backed healthcare carpet.