Posted on 14 October 2013

Redecorating an office can be an expensive investment for any business owner but it can also be a great way to ensure your office space is appealing to both your employees and your clients.

Carrying out a 'ground-up' makeover of your working area is also a great opportunity to create an inspiring working environment which in turn can help your business to flourish.

Here are our top tips for revamping your office with a new carpet.

1. Footfall

One of the main things to consider is footfall and how much wear the carpet will be subjected to. Then you need to consider what type of wear that will be, and whether the wear will be concentrated, as in corridors or small offices, or whether it will be general as in larger spaces. Circulation areas, particularly, will need a durable and serviceable carpet, though this does not mean it has to be drab. Areas in close proximity to an outside entrance may well require a different carpet to an area on the 10th floor of an office block. Less heavily trafficked areas, off 'the beaten track', can be suitable for a more 'playful' or individual look. In these areas, as with Break-out areas, the theme can be brighter and more decorative. Using carpet tiles, particularly in offices with computer access floors, will allow individual areas to be lifted or replaced more easily, and allows bright or contrasting colours to be introduced with the minimum of fuss, and in a modular format.

2. Zoning

Using different coloured or textured carpets to create 'zones' or distinctive break-out areas in open plan offices has become a popular and interesting way to use carpet in a commercial setting. For example, you could use complimentary or accent colours to create walkways and boundaries between departments without having to install patrician walls. Or you could use a vibrant coloured carpet in your meeting rooms or break-out areas to contrast against darker, more durable carpet in the main office, and to give visitors an impression of the 'lighter side' of your business.

3. Colour and design

The colour of your carpet can have a massive difference on the ambience of your office. For large office spaces with lots of employees it's probably wise to choose more muted colours (though interest can definitely be added with texture).This will help to disguise some of the daily wear and tear, whether from trafficking or spillages, and it can always be brightened up with more colourful carpet in break-out areas or meeting rooms. The colours you choose can also reflect your company's branding or genre. So, for example, a design agency might go for a funkier and more vibrant look than an insurance company, or a civil service building, although the two ends of the spectrum are probably closer now, than at any time in the past.

4.       Pattern

Patterned carpets often have a reputation for being outdated but they can be a great way of adding either a traditional, lavish or 'statement' feel to any room. It may be that the design is subtle, created by self-coloured texture or varying pile height, or it could be profound, with 'in-your-face' designs, graphics and lurid colours. A patterned carpet can still be a very practical option for heavily used areas, which may be prone to frequent spillage and intense footfall such as Hotels, Leisure Facilities, Cinemas, Cruise Ships, Airports etc.

Why don't you visit Birch Carpets if you'd like help choosing the perfect carpet for your office!

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