Posted on 02 October 2013

....well it certainly is here at Birch Carpets HQ, in sunny Sheffield. 

It's on days like this that you can really appreciate the value of an effective Entrance Matting system, and here at Birch we think that we produce some of the best.

The key is always to decide what exactly you want that mat to achieve, and then to maximise the size of the matting area you can accommodate within your building, and within your budget, because not everybody wipes their feet, so the maximum number of possible foot-falls across a mat, in turn, maximises the chance of removing all that dirt and moisture.

In an ideal scenario you'll have a primary or scraper mat as your first line of defence (these are often, but not always, of an exterior quality and will be designed to remove and capture the big stuff  eg leaves/grit etc), followed by a secondary mat. The secondary mat will often have a specialised carpet type pile, designed to wipe and capture the moisture, dust and smaller particles that persist, on the soles of shoes or on wheeled traffic , and are tracked into your building.

Some mats, such as our Barrier Tech Stripe combine both the wiping and scraping functions - this is particularly useful where the opportunity to install to separate matting systems is limited.

The things to remember when considering a matting system are; set a realistic budget, that mat's going to have to work mighty hard! So it has to be up to the job; maximise the area covered, because you can't rely on people wiping their feet; be prepared to maintain your mat regularly, because if your mat's working it will be getting dirty; take advice, because making the right choice gives you the very best chance of protecting the investment you make in those floorcoverings that lie beyond the matting throughout your building.

At Birch Carpets our Technical Sales Consultants and Sales Office team are on hand to give you expert advice on the right Matting System for you.

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