Posted on 15 July 2015

When choosing carpeting for your commercial office space there are four key factors to consider if you want to purchase a product that will last:

  • Traffic - Is the space a high foot traffic area?
  • Cost - As with any purchase you need a clean understanding of your budget.
  • Style - Plain or patterned? Bright or neutral?
  • Cost to replace - Would it be more beneficial to repair, rather than replace?


When considering the levels of traffic within the office space it's imperative to think not only in terms of foot traffic, i.e. people physically walking on the floor, but also in terms of the equipment in use in the room. Desk chairs are a major consideration here because chairs with coasters require a smooth, flat surface so they can move freely without causing indentations. Also bear in mind they type of foot traffic will flow through the room; are your employee's shoes generally going to be clean, or is there a possibility of muddy/dirty work boots being present?


With any commercial purchase cost is going to be a big determining factor and carpets are no different, so do have a budget when you start the buying process. However, remember that your office carpet will likely face a great deal of wear and tear. Speak to your carpet supplier about potential upgrades and consider paying a little more for far greater quality carpet that will include a wear warranty.


Here's the part where you get to be creative. It's amazing how you can transform a room by replacing an old carpet with a totally different colourway. Don't stick to the principle of "that's what we had before so that's what we should order this time". Be more adventurous and you will be rewarded. How about creating "work zones" within your office by strategically laying contrasting coloured carpet tiles. They really help to section off a room and work well in open plan office spaces.

Cost to replace

This is a commercial decision so you need to ensure you are not wasting your money by re-carpeting the entire office if it really doesn't need it. The beauty of carpet tiles is that small sections can be replaced, although you will need to take the advice of a technical consultant to ensure you can get a good colour and pattern match.

Choosing the right carpet for your office space needn't be difficult, but it is a decision you need to get right before the fitters arrive. By following these four tips you will be well on your way towards getting the right product for your office but if you need any further assistance we are here to help. Our friendly technical advisors are just a click away! 

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