Posted on 06 September 2013

As the first bell of the new term sounds in schools across the country, parents will no doubt be nervously waiting at the gates for news from their children about their favourite new teachers, friends and the exciting things their children have learnt.

Nurseries, schools, crèches and children's clubs will be a hive of activity with excited patter of little feet running between classes, club activities and to the playground armed with their new backpacks, lunchboxes and pencil cases. But classrooms don't need to be cold, austere and dull and can be transformed into a colourful and creative place to learn with inspiring soft furnishings such as funky paintings or prints for the walls or cosy carpets which make the classroom feel just like home.

Youngsters often see their living room or bedroom carpet as a blank canvass for fun activities such as drawing, reading or playing with their building blocks. Schools need not be any different with a range of classroom carpets on offer for educational establishments which make kids feel right at home in their new classrooms.

Libraries and classrooms can easily be revamped with colourful carpets adorned with the alphabet and numbers to help youngsters learn the basic lessons in life while also feeling safe and comfortable.

The vibrant primary colours of red, blue and yellow are also striking and attractive to youngsters eager to soak up new information and learn new things.


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