Posted on 18 February 2014

Around 107,000 tonnes of old carpet were reused, recycled and recovered in the UK during 2013 according to the latest figures released by Carpet Recycling UK.

These statistics show that throughout 2013 the CRUK members recycled and recovered 21 percent (22,000 tonnes) in comparison to 2012 and diverted an impressive 27 percent of carpet waste from landfill.

The majority of this waste was sent to energy recovery (15,000 tonnes) while the remaining 7,000 tonnes were reused or recycled. This represents a 31 percent and 19 percent increase on 2012.

This is proof that CRUK are making a significant impact and this is why they were recognised for their hard work with a 'Gold Award' from Zero and a 'Resource Revolution Award' for Landfill Diversion Strategy in 2013.

More research from the CRUK has shown that domestic households are the main source of carpets which are recovered at the end-of-life via local authority recycling centres and bulky waste collections. Now, around 200 household waste recycling centres are involved in segregating the carpets, giving more than seven million households the opportunity to recycle their carpets.

CRUK has obliterated its 2015 target of diverting 25% waste from landfill two years early and are hoping to achieve a 60 percent diversion target by 2020. The team here at Birch Carpets are incredibly honoured to be involved with this project throughout 2014 and look forward to helping achieve the following targets:

  • Include landfill diversion rate to 30 percent (120,000 tonnes) with re-use and recycling at 45 percent and energy recovery at 55 percent.
  • Increase the number of recycling outlets across the UK for re-use, recycling, and energy recovery to provide locally capacity, minimising transport costs and offering wider choice.
  • Recruit more retailers and manufacturers as members.
  • Increase awareness of all opportunities for carpet recycling via local authorities with disposal responsibilities.
  • Increase the number of HWRC sites that are available to consumers for carpet recycling and ensure these are communicated to residents.

If you would like to find out more about CRUK, please visit their website -

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