Posted on 23 January 2014

As you may know, Birch Carpets are proud members of Carpet Recycling UK, which means we are dedicated to reducing the amount of carpet that ends up in landfill every year. Over the past few years CRUK's hard work (and the hard work of its members) has certainly paid off. The figures from CRUK in 2013 show a year on year increase in the amount of carpet waste diverted from landfills.

Birch Carpets are pleased to continue our commitment to CRUK and to the invaluable work which the organisation does in coordinating and directing our industry's efforts to reduce the quantities of post-industrial and post-consumer waste that end up in landfill, and beyond that to drive the agenda by which waste carpet and carpet tile is converted to a commodity or raw material of value.

In 2012 85,000 tonnes of carpet was diverted from landfill which represented a 21.4% increase in diversion. Of this quantity, 36,000 tonnes were recycled or re-used and 49,000 tonnes were used for energy recovery. These statistics are pretty impressive but CRUK have big ambitions for the 2014 and we look forward to helping them achieve them.

Throughout 2014 we will help Carpet Recycling UK to achieve to following targets:

  • Increase landfill diversion by 7000 tonnes to 23% or 92,000 via reuse, recycling and energy recovery.
  • Help increase the number of outlets for reuse, recycling and energy recovery, to improve collection and transport logistics/costs across the UK.
  •   Assist carpet manufacturing members and their downstream customers to recover 500 additional tonnes of fitting off cuts.
  • Help to recruit more retailers and flooring contractors as members to promote recycling.
  • Increase awareness of carpet recycling opportunities.
  • Help to support the Flooring Sustainability Partnership in communicating efficiency goals and leveraging opportunities and experience across all flooring types.

If you'd like to read about the amazing work CRUK carry out then please visit their website -

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