The Benefits of Installing Carpet Tiles

Carpet can be the perfect addition to any commercial or living space. It can imbue an area with a warmth, texture or tone that few other flooring coverings can match. Yet, broadloom (which is sometimes referred to as wall to wall) carpeting, which is the more traditional format, is sometimes not the more appropriate choice for certain types of installation. In those circumstances, a modular format ie carpet tiles, or carpet 'squares,' is often the ideal choice. A quality carpet tile, properly chosen for its durability and aesthetic appeal, and professionally installed, will reward the specifier with years of excellent service. 

Here are some of the key benefits of carpet tiles;

Carpet Tiles offer Straightforward Installation - The professional installer will have no problem fitting your carpet tiles. Because they're modular and available as small individual units, they're comparatively easy to store, transport, handle and fit. It is often possible to install (and replace) carpet tiles in a work or living space without causing much disruption, to the activity that goes on in that area or, its occupants. It is also possible to install carpet tiles over large areas in relatively short time-frames.

Carpet Tiles are Versatile - Easy to handle in small spaces, and quick to install over large areas, carpet tiles are a genuinely versatile product.  Whether it's a Board Room or a Bedroom there's a carpet tile that 'fits the bill'.  Because carpet tiles are modular they're easy to uplift, move around and replace. This is a particular benefit in modern office environments, where access floors conceal intricate cabling and ducting arrangements, which must be kept accessible. Carpet tiles provide the answer - simply lift them, access the space beneath the floor and then replace them. Similarly, with stains, localised wear or spills - just uplift and replace the tiles affected.

Carpet Tiles are Cost Effective - Generally low on installation waste, and less expensive to transport, handle and install than comparable broadloom carpets, carpet tiles offer significant cost benefits. It's also possible to introduce design to an environment, simply by being imaginative about the colour combinations used. These designs might be simple geometrics or more complex organics, but they can often be achieved just by combining solid colours with a bit of thought. Because installation of carpet tiles can be done relatively quickly and with a minimum of disruption, downtime and associated costs can be minimised too.

Carpet Tiles are Durable - Choose the right specification for your application and a carpet tile will perform just as well, if not better, than most other floor coverings, in similar, and appropriate, circumstances. Balance aesthetics with practicality, and you'll have a product that should look good for its lifespan as well. Research which yarn fibre, pile weight and backing options are most suitable for your requirements. There are a variety of options available to you, and the key is to get the ingredients right if you're going to end up with a product that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Carpet Tiles are Low Maintenance - For the most part, regular vacuuming with an efficient machine will suffice. Combine this with targeted spot cleaning for problem areas, and increased frequency for high traffic and 'point of entry' areas (particularly at street level) and your carpet tiles should maintain their appearance without difficulty. Clearly, if the maintenance regime is inadequate, the appearance will suffer, as it will with any floor covering. They certainly don't clean themselves! That said, they can be effective as a dust trap, which when combined with effective and regular vacuuming, can enhance overall hygiene and cleanliness within a given environment.

Carpet Tiles are Easy To Replace - When the time comes to replace your carpet tiles, those that are on the floor at the moment, will be reasonably quick and easy to remove, as long as they were installed appropriately, in the first instance. These days it should also be perfectly possible for them to be down-cycled or re-cycled to avoid the necessity for them going to landfill.

Carpet Tiles are Re-usable - Although your carpet tiles may no longer meet your requirements, in terms of colour, design, or quality of appearance, they might be suitable for use in another environment. They may have ceased to have a value to you, but they may be of value in a situation or sector where the focus and parameters are differently drawn. Many used or refurbished carpet tiles find their way into social or entry-level housing where they provide a positive contrast to the alternatives available, for the same budget.

We can also provide information on our 'Benefit Plus' Recycling option which may be appropriate for your project.