Posted on 29 July 2014

Ever wondered how a particular carpet will look in your space?  Sometimes it is just not that easy to tell by looking at a small sample.  Even when an image or a sample is detailed enough, it is difficult to imagine how a pattern will look when laid on your floor.

Our technical consultants may know how our carpeting will look and can help you by making suggestions, but sometimes the visual impact is needed.  After all, new carpeting is an investment for any business; you want to know you have selected the right one before you have it on your floor.  That is precisely the point behind our "b creative" app.

What Is "b creative"?

We want our customers to get the best understanding that they can have of our carpeting - and we want it to happen before purchase.  "b creative" addresses that need by providing potential customers with the opportunity to try on carpeting visually in different spaces where it could be placed.  This is an interactive application available on our website - whether you are in the market to purchase new carpeting, or simply want to get ideas.

This is a fairly straightforward app, so you do not need to have anything more than the desire to see a particular carpeting visually represented in a room.  Whether you want to explore the idea of a bold colour option, or see whether a pattern is too much for your subdued office, "b creative" is able to provide you with a strong guideline according to your needs.

Although this is not a new application, there is a strong chance you have not needed to consider a carpet purchase since it was launched.  After all, carpeting is made to be durable and last for several years before replacement.

How "b creative" Works

This application works according to just a few variables, though each one is a tremendously powerful consideration when it comes to choosing carpeting.  You can opt for different rooms, different carpet styles and colours and even set your own custom wall colour.  With every carpet combination you select, you will be able to see an example laid out on the screen in front of you.  A few decor items have been added into each scene so that you have a better idea what each carpet looks like under a desk or in a reception area.  From there, you can simply peruse our selection, or play around until you have a final decision, or a few final options from which you will select.

"b creative" can be the most powerful tool you have when it comes to selecting a new carpeting for your business.  Rather than guessing which patterns are perfect for your business, you can actually see what works and what does not.  It puts the power of design back into your hands.  The interface also offers you the ability to add different carpet styles to a sample basket so you can get a feel for them, once you have gotten a look at each one.  From there, you can easily take a look at the product pages for each of your favourite options to see if it is compatible with your needs.  Of course, if you ever have a question about suitability or price, you can always give us a call or drop us a line and we will be happy to assist.

The "b creative" Options

When using "b creative", you have a few different tabs which appear on the left side of your screen.  From the top down, these are: Wall Colours, Carpet Types, Room Types and Order Sample.  The best place to start is with the Room Types tab.

Room Types - "b creative" provides users with four different room types.  Each one of these has been selected for their generalities, yet their prevalence within any business.  You can choose between an open plan office, a reception area leading to an outdoor pavement, a business corridor, and a hotel bedroom.  Simply select the option that best represents your business.  If none of these options match your needs, feel free to select any one of them.  Once you get the feeling of a carpet in one space, you can always try it in one of the other room types to see how it translates.

Wall Colour - Clicking on this tab will open a selection of common wall colours.  Of course, it may not have the specific shade of your walls, but there is an option to input your own colours based on hex or RGB values.  (If you are not certain of your colours, your company's designer probably knows.)  Select the colour closest to your walls as they are currently, unless you plan to change your walls along with your floors.  If this is your intention, you may want to begin with white walls until you find a carpeting style and colour you prefer, then play around with wall colours until you find a combination that is right for your company.

Carpet Types - This tab is where the magic happens.  Opening it will provide you with three options: Carpets, Carpet Tiles and All.  You may already know if you prefer broadloom carpets or carpeting tiles.  If you don't, then select the All option as this will provide you with the entire range.  Whichever option you select, it will open a new menu which allows you to select a particular style from the Birch range.  Select any option and it will bring up the colour selections for that style.  From here, you will be shown a visual representation based on all your selections.  If you are ever unhappy with one of your selections in theCarpet Types tab, feel free to click on the X, and you can start over.  And, of course, once you do have an option that you would like to consider, make sure you click Order a Sample.  After a few clicks of the mouse and a chat with your consultant, you can be enjoying your new carpet sooner than you think.

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