Posted on 03 June 2014

Whatever the consumer product there has never been a better time for freely accessing technical information about it. The exponential growth of the internet as a selling, marketing and review forum has seen to that. People are, generally, becoming increasingly savvy about their purchasing decisions.

Anyone who has dived into the web hoping to extract 'pearls of wisdom', will confirm that sometimes they're hard to find. There's so much other stuff out there; some of it partial, some of it inaccurate and some of it out of date.

Choosing the carpet with the right specification for your needs is no different. How do you access the vital details, which will help you to make an informed judgement? You will almost certainly have most of the information, to hand, that you need to start the process off, but how do you best take that information, and turn it into a workable specification.

At Birch, we have a solution, and it comes in the form of our Technical Sales Consultants. Obviously, they're our people, so we're bound to be a little bit biased, but we do genuinely believe, that by placing the emphasis firmly on the 'technical' aspect of that job title, and by ensuring that our people are specially trained not only in the specifications of the products we sell, but also in solving our customers' challenges, that we are well placed to help you reach the right decisions, when it comes to choosing commercial carpets, carpet tiles and entrance matting systems.

Technical Consultants Focus on Your Needs

Whatever the nature of your carpet requirement, there may be specifics that apply only to your project.  Understanding your needs is the job of a technical consultant, even when you do not know fully understand them yourself.  Whether it is a series of phone calls, or email communications, you can be certain that our specialist consultants work to get you the carpet that works for you and your enterprise. Our technical consultants are on hand to visit you or your business if you need additional assistance, when circumstances require it.

Sometimes, it may be a matter of providing you with carpet samples that allow you to get a better feeling for the products on offer, than you can achieve online.  Other customers may need a hand to ascertain what quantity of carpet they might need, or how to go about finding someone to carry out the installation for them - these, too, are issues we should be able to help with.

Our Consultants Understand Carpet Specification

The adage 'horses for courses' applies to carpets, as it does to many other things. So, most of the time, does the truism 'you get what you pay for'. Different carpets are created from different materials, with different attributes and for different purposes. Carpets with different specifications are rarely readily interchangeable in a specific situation. Whatever your sector; Office & Commercial, Healthcare, Education, Leisure & Retail - there is likely to be a carpet, carpet tile or entrance matting with exactly the right quality for you, and for your particular circumstances. The likelihood is that we'll have the right option for you within our comprehensive standard range. If we don't, it's almost certain that we'll be able to source it for you with the minimum of fuss. We do rely on customers coming back to us again and again. For that reason we're always driven to give you advice that results in you making an informed choice, first time, in the hope that first time, becomes the first of many.

Carpeting Is More Than Meets the Eye

With carpets, sometimes it is the things you don't see that make all the difference.  A carpets specification will determine how well it wears, how readily it cleans, how it should be fitted, where it should be fitted, how long it's likely to last, how good it will look and for how long, and, importantly, how much it will cost. If you get the specification right, everything else should follow.

Let us take some of the uncertainty out of the equation, by cutting through the industry specific jargon for you and matching your needs and expectations with a suitable floor covering.

When you purchase a carpet you are investing in an asset. If you choose wisely, that asset should meet your expectations. Like any asset it will need appropriate protection. We can provide sound advice on how to remove soiling, and how to minimise soiling in the first instance, by selecting the right matting system.

Technical Consultants Ensure Top Service

Birch technical consultants sell carpeting, but their job is not just carpeting sales.  We stand by our name, which means that our people are committed to providing you with the best service before you are even become a customer.  Whether you are in the market for new carpeting now, or you just have a question to help you prepare for a future requirement, we stand ready to help.

And, it does not end there. If you do have a post installation issue, or you require an after-sale service, technical consultants are equally ready to assist.

Technical Advice Is Included in the Service

When the time comes for you to start looking for new carpet our experts are here to assist.  They have the knowledge they need to help you make the right decision, and the experience that is vital to avoiding the common pitfalls of product selection. Problem solving is included in the service, so please give one of our technical consultants a call today.


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