Sustainability Bulletin

Birch Carpets Recycling Programme 2016

Welcome to our latest Recycling-Sustainability Bulletin, please take the time to read its contents
and feel free to refer any questions to us, using the contact details at the foot of this document.

Any programme of this nature has to be kept under regular review in order that the policies and procedures employed in its execution allow the opportunity for constant improvement in performance. Technology in this sector is improving all the time, and as a consequence, opportunities for recycling carpets and carpet tiles are growing, both in terms of the numbers of participating waste converters, and in terms of the raw material potential of the waste we handle or generate.

With regard to developments in our own programme we are pleased to record that Birch Carpets is now a member of Carpet Recycling UK, a not for profit association of leading industry members, set up to develop viable solutions to carpet waste. By working within Carpet Recycling UK we hope to assist in accelerating the emergence of new recycling opportunities, be they in landfill diversion strategies or innovations in material processing.

In addition we are pleased to be working with Dr Roger Wareing (AIEMA) of Wareing Consulting in developing our own ‘Sustainability Roadmap', in order that our recycling programme remains a core element of our overall Sustainability effort. Progress in this area will be posted on our website.

As part of our ‘Benefit' Recycling Plus solution, we continue to work in partnership with a number of approved recyclers, on a variety of projects (and case studies for examples of these are available on request). In general, where Birch Carpets are chosen as the supplier of new carpets or carpet tiles for a project, we are able to offer to recycle the existing carpet or carpet tiles as part of the supply package, whoever that waste material was manufactured, or supplied by, in the first instance. There are certain qualifying conditions that may apply, to ensure that the process is handled efficiently, but these are by no means onerous, and our Technical Sales staff will be happy to discuss a client's particular requirements, on a project-by-project basis. We are often able to offer the benefits of this service at no cost.


As an example of said conditions, it would always be our preference to take waste material away for recycling, on the same vehicle that delivers our new product. We use our own fleet of vehicles to ensure that we maintain control of this process, and the ‘full in, full out' philosophy ensures that the carbon footprint is kept to a minimum. We would also prefer, where possible, to use a recycler in the general geographical location where the project is taking place, again to limit the distance our laden vehicle travels.

By offering and developing this service we hope to encourage like minded clients to see the landfill diversion/recycling route as a viable and cost effective one. By making use of our assistance and experience in this area, clients may be able to enhance their own sustainability credentials. To this end and in the interests of maintaining auditable performance we can also provide project specific documentary evidence of the recycling process.

For further details regarding any of the above, please enquire using, or by contacting us on 0114 243 1230, at you convenience.

Birch Carpets - 01.02.13